Death Monks
DEATH MONK FEVER! Don't you just LOVE them? These guys are way cool and are a big hit at the Manor every Halloween. I lined them up single file around the corner of the house to make them look as though they were in procession to the cemetery. I hid a blaster in the shrubs that played a cd of Gregorian chants which sounded as though the monks were singing. We used green lights and fog machines to add to the effect. Many of our visitors just stood there mesmerized by the whole scene. A couple of times "the boys" gave me a chill when I walked into the room and was caught off guard. (See bottom photo.)
They are constructed out of the basic PVC body frame with a scull mounted on top and then dressed in a hooded robe costume. I modified some things and added a few twists here and there. If you intend to build one of these, BEWARE! They're addicting. As you can see, I couldn't stop with just one or two. Also, do yourself a big favor. . . if you don't already own one, go to your local hardware store and purchase a PVC pipe cutter for about $12. It'll make the job go easier and quicker.

- Horrorencia
They're such hams, aren't they?